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Unfortunately, it is fairly common that family members or institutions run into disputes over money left to them in Wills or Trusts.  These disputes can arise in an endless number of ways, but usually share at least one or two central concepts: (a) the Wills or Trusts were created or modified at times or under circumstances indicating impaired mental capacity perhaps due to dementia or other mental illness; or (b) when there are communication problems between or among the beneficiaries and the fiduciary who controls the assets of the Estate or Trust.  These commonalities are often complicated by family dynamics, power imbalance, and changes in institutional personnel or institutional purpose. 

Tom Kilpatrick has experience representing executors, trustees, beneficiaries, institutions, and donors in these disputes.  He has the ability and perspective to investigate the root cause of the problem and help untangle the issues so that they can be resolved or litigated, as appropriate.  Tom is careful to be sensitive and compassionate in dealing with family members while zealously advocating for our clients.

Kilpatrick Law Group’s ability to provide legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner is of particular advantage in Estate & Trust disputes.  Simply put, there are defined amounts of assets.  We provide legal services while striving to preserve as much of those assets as possible for the family or institution for which it was intended.

"Tom Kilpatrick, a remarkable attorney, has represented my brother and me for about ten years. During this time, Tom took a convoluted family estate and brought resolution.  Though Tom negotiates with the tenacity of a bull dog, he somehow manages to engender the respect of his fellow adversarial attorneys and their clients. Tom's legal prowess has saved my financial life.  Without his tireless and talented efforts, the turmoil and disputes among my family members would never have been resolved so beautifully. 
I call Tom "my David among Goliaths." And he is.  In spite of my ravings about this truly splendid attorney, Tom Kilpatrick maintains a humble desire to serve his clients.. This is his most enduring quality. Tom once told me that every lawyer is encouraged to "give back" to society. In our relationship, this often meant that he worked without always receiving remuneration. Tom's sacrifices paid off, and our issues were finally settled. Tom Kilpatrick will always have my undying gratitude.

My bottom line: Tom Kilpatrick practices not only man's law, he exemplifies God's law as well, doing to others what he would like to have done."

                Maude Wells

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